Lena River Basin

One of the world’s longest rivers the Lena drains one fifth of Russia’s territory or an area just under 2.5million km2 (~960,00mi2) and is entirely located within Russia. From its source in the Baikal Mountains the river flows north east to the Laptev Sea, and into the Arctic Ocean. A large delta extends 100 km into the Laptev Sea and is about 400 km wide (250 miles). For about 7 months of the year the delta is frozen but as of May the area becomes a lush wetland for the next moths. The river is subject to large floods during the spring months.

The river network supports a variety of species specific to this region. The Lena is one of the few undisturbed rivers with no manmade constructions along its water course. However the delta is threatened by mining activities as well as forestry and agricultural development which could hinder species migration and restrict wetland growth inland in the event of sea level rise.

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